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Stay connected to your followers 24/7 with IG chatbots

Use Instagram Chatbots 
to get more value from DM

Instagram has over 2.35 billion​ active users worldwide and used on daily basis. As a business, using Instagram chatbot is the key to automate your marketing, customer support, lead generation process and much more.
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How it works
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As many as 80% of Instagram users use it to decide if it’s worth purchasing a product from a brand, and 54% admit to making a purchase right after seeing it on Instagram.

Automate your support process on Instagram

With Jetlink chatbot you can automate the inquiries that come in through Instagram. Our chatbot can work fully integrated with Instagram and respond faster to user needs with the same if not better liveness compared to your customer support agents while saving costs and freeing agents to redirect their efforts to more impactful tasks.

Increase sales

With using instagram you will have the ability to reach more customers and redirect them to your business. With specialized direct messages you will be able to increase your customer satisfaction and outreach even more.

Reply to your Instagram DM messages on autopilot with a chatbot integration

By automating Instagram comments and direct messages using Jetlink's Instagram Chatbots, you can grow your audience and turn them into brand advocates.

What you'll achieve:

Personalisation at scale ✅  

Turn DMs to leads ✅  

Automate comment replies ✅ 


Lexus Pioneers the Future of User Engagement with Groundbreaking IG Chatbot

Lexus, a leading brand in the automotive industry, has recently made history by integrating a groundbreaking chatbot on Instagram, revolutionizing customer engagement and paving the way for future marketing strategies. By utilizing an Instagram chatbot, Lexus has provided their customers with a unique and interactive experience, allowing them to easily connect with the brand through a simple messaging interface.


Deeper understanding with Probabilistic AI™

Reaching a deeper understanding of conversational AI through deep learning is possible.

Customers don’t always communicate their needs clearly and even  simple sentences can cause misleading solutions. Learn how Probabilistic AI™ can go through noisy interactions to ensure at clear, clean and — most importantly — accurate responses to every customer query.

In this way, Jetlink's conversational AI eliminates ‘false positive’ responses in 90% of cases.

Generate leads, drive sales and grow your business with Instagram chatbots

Automate your business on Instagram with Jetlink
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