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Technology to build
AI Assistants that
talk like a Human

Simply link your data sources to create a chatbot similar to ChatGPT, tailored for your data needs. You can easily embed this chatbot on your website as a widget, or interact with it using our various integrations and API.
Who are we

Jetlink is transforming the way chatbots are made. Experience an intuitive interface that lets you construct and launch your personalized chatbot across websites, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp in mere minutes.

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How it works


Speed Up The Training 

UP TO 98%

True Understanding


Lesser Operational Efforts

Introducing Jetlink Genius:

The Chatbot Revolution Reimagined Powered by OpenAI's GPT-4, Jetlink Genius sets a new standard in problem-solving and accuracy, outshining any other AI chatbot available today.

Natural Language Excellence

With Jetlink Genius, enjoy truly meaningful conversations without the hassle of complex flows or repetitive loops. Should any ambiguities arise, Jetlink Genius asks clarifying questions, ensuring the conversation remains as smooth as possible.

Effortless Transition to Human Agents

Switching to human assistance has never been easier. You decide the conditions, and when met, Jetlink Genius seamlessly transfers the conversation to a human agent, all within the same interactive dialogue.

Significantly Reduce Ticket Volume

Cut down on your support tickets dramatically using Jetlink Genius. Utilizing advanced AI technology, it efficiently answers queries and resolves issues, allowing you to bid farewell to support overload.


Speed Up Development with Minimal
Training Needed

Leverage our LLM Model for immediate virtual assistant effectiveness, requiring little to no training. Integrated with OpenAI's GPT-3,5 and GPT-4, this approach proficiently handles customer queries, from intention recognition to entity extraction. Skip the training phase entirely and still offer your customers the best conversational experience.

Any language, any channel, any time!

You should always know what to say for any query. Jetlink’s engine precisely evaluates possible answers and selects the best one. With long or vague questions, it gives suggestions for an effective conversation. Unresolved queries are sent to Training for continued evolution.


Here is some of brands that have already adapted Jetlink Genius in their AI assistant


Learns from you.
Acts as you.

To effectively address your customer's queries, Jetlink Genius requires access to relevant information about your use case, company, products, or projects. Just upload your FAQs, product details, internal documents, or sample conversations to witness how rapidly the AI adapts to new information!


You can also link Jetlink Genius to your internal API, database, or other data structures to automate more intricate tasks using AI.

With Jetlink Genius, you can make sure your chatbot aligns with your brand's unique personality by providing custom instructions. You can add a distinct tone and style to make the interaction more engaging and on-brand.

  • How quickly can I build and deploy a chatbot using Jetlink Genius?
    With Jetlink Genius, you can build and deploy a chatbot in a matter of minutes. Our user-friendly interface and AI-powered capabilities make the process fast and efficient.
  • Does Jetlink Genius support multiple languages?
    Absolutely! Jetlink Genius supports multiple languages (nearly all of them).
  • How does Jetlink Genius handle seamless handoff to a human agent during a conversation?
    Jetlink offers a seamless handoff feature within the same conversation. You have full control over when the chatbot triggers the handover to a human agent. This allows for a smooth transition and ensures that customers receive the assistance they need from a live person when necessary.
  • What should my data look like?
    Currently, you can upload one or multiple files (.pdf, .txt, .doc, .docx), paste text, or add a link to your website to be scraped.
  • Does it use GPT-3.5 or GPT-4?
    By default your chatbot uses gpt-3.5-turbo (but you have the option to use gpt-4 on the Enterprise and Unlimited plans).
  • Do you provide API access?
    If you have other ideas and need access to our API, we are happy to help! With Jetlink you can build your customised AI Assistant and integrate it with any other software using Jetlink API. Possibilities are endless! Contact us to add conversational AI to your product.

Introducing Advanced Hybrid NLU: Taking Precision and Control to the Next Level

Step into the future of conversational AI with our groundbreaking Advanced Hybrid NLU, a synergy of Large Language Models (LLMs) and our robust, enterprise-level Natural Language Understanding (NLU). This blend is set to revolutionize how AI facilitates communication.


Expertise-Centric NLU:

Gain a competitive edge by leveraging specialized knowledge tailored to your business context, ensuring accurate and trustworthy responses from end-users.

Creative-Powered LLMs:

Employ the extensive general knowledge of LLMs to refine content creation, making the fine-tuning process for NLU both efficient and impactful.


Experience the unparalleled advantages of merging these two cutting-edge technologies:


  • Effortless integration of LLMs and conversational

  • AI Unsurpassed levels of accuracy, dependability, and creativity

  • Adaptability featuring responsible LLM and Generative AI functionalities

  • Speedy development and rapid deployment


Make the most of these capabilities to elevate your AI-driven communication strategies.

Save time and streamline AI training

The task of generating effective training data, once a labor-intensive and ongoing effort, is now simplified! With the smart integration of language models on the Jetlink Genius Platform, you get suggested training data that encompasses all potential variations your end users might employ. This not only accelerates the overall training process but also enriches the range of training utterances, thereby enhancing intent detection accuracy.

Ready to try out?

95%+ of your customers’ inquiries await Jetlink's
conversational AI & LLM technology
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