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We all use WhatsApp messenger daily for communication with friends and family or for work etc. WhatsApp is a very powerful tool if used right. With the help of Jetlink you can maximize WhatsApp’s potential and use WhatsApp to its fullest!
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How it works
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Net Promoter Score

UP TO 98%

Reduction of customer wait time

 93% +

intent match accuracy

Chat with customers

With Jetlink chatbot you can automate the inquiries that come in. Our chatbot can work fully integrated with WhatsApp Messenger and respond faster to user needs with the same if not better liveness compared to your customer support agents while saving costs and freeing agents to redirect their efforts to more impactful tasks.

Increase sales

With using WhatsApp Messenger you will have the ability to reach more customers and redirect them to your business. With specialized direct messages you will be able to increase your customer satisfaction and outreach even more.


WhatsApp template messages allows you to communicate directly through WhatApp Messenger with messages created by you. This can be done in line with the permission you have previously received.


With this type of message, the party that initiates the communication can be you.


With its 2 billion users WhatsApp is one of the most powerful marketing tools. On average a message has a 99 percent opening rate far beyond compared to its rivals such as SMS with 14% and Email %9 opening rate.

Multi-Language Support

Global companies have customers and operations all over the world. Jetlinks’s flexible conversational AI engine can adapt to 157 languages, including English, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Arabic and others.

resimli Globe

Deeper understanding with Probabilistic AI™

Reaching a deeper understanding of conversational AI through deep learning is possible.

Customers don’t always communicate their needs clearly and even  simple sentences can cause misleading solutions. Learn how Probabilistic AI™ can go through noisy interactions to ensure at clear, clean and — most importantly — accurate responses to every customer query.

In this way, Jetlink's conversational AI eliminates ‘false positive’ responses in 90% of cases.

Understand Multiple Intents

Jetlink's Conversational AI can easily distinguish between multiple variables simultaneously, such as when customers ask for several products or services at the same time. In this way, conversational AI eliminates false positives and offers multiple intent options for accurate answer.

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Dynamic answers

Boost engagement with rich messages and dynamic answers. Your Jetlink chatbot uses text, buttons, and images when talking with your customers. More than that, your chatbot connects with your backend services to give dynamic answers based on users inputs.

Entity extraction for natural conversations

Entities are lists and synonyms of your products, locations,  and services. They can be also system entities such as date, ID number, phone number, email etc. They help chatbots catch and validate data important for the intents.

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Direct answer

in one step

Jetlink's AI powered chatbots applies two matching systems to match user questions with chatbot responses. Machine learning algorithms check entire sentences, while entity extraction system look for specific words to bring exact answer for the user.

Conversation designer

Build chatbots with ease using a drag-and-drop interface. Quickly arrange the conversation flow to create exactly the chatbot you need.

Anyone can drag and drop Jetlink's no code conversation designer to create engaging chatbot conversations that delight customers with rich multimedia content.



Make better decisions with data and insights, collected from every automated customer conversation. Jetlink reports provide strategic context to enhance your chatbot’s performance and deliver a much more meaningful customer experience.

Understanding the performance of your chatbot shouldn’t be a guessing game. Our chatbot has an intuitive, easy-to-understand Analytics Dashboard that provides the data and direction you need to drive business outcomes. Uncover unanswered questions missing information. Review the % of engaged customers and topics. Capture the % of conversations that require an agent

Create a bot to interact with your audience on WhatsApp 24/7

Connect an WhatsApp chatbot and save time with automated responses
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