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Meet with Mikser AI

Mikser AI, the kitchen companion, not only provides users with recipes but also serves as a comprehensive source of information on all aspects within the kitchen. It guides users step-by-step through the cooking process, teaching fundamental cooking techniques and helping users improve their skills.
Who are we

Mikser provides information on ingredient properties, proper storage methods, and healthy eating recommendations, assisting users in making informed decisions in the kitchen. It offers customized meal suggestions based on health sensitivities, age, and specific medical conditions. By offering solutions to problems that may arise during cooking, Mikser AI boosts users' confidence and helps them achieve successful outcomes. It also provides recipe suggestions for different categories such as pet-friendly recipes. Furthermore, it encourages creative cooking experiences by offering suggestions on compatible food combinations. With its user-friendly interface and understanding nature, Mikser AI allows users to have fun in the kitchen while quickly bringing their recipe ideas to life.

How it works


Speed Up The Training 

UP TO 98%

True Understanding


Lesser Operational Efforts

How does it work?

Mikser AI, which provides users with information on all aspects of the kitchen via messaging on platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, analyzes users' messages using natural language processing techniques. By understanding users' questions, it generates appropriate responses by leveraging a vast database of kitchen-related information. The chatbot provides information on topics such as cooking techniques, ingredient properties, healthy eating recommendations, and food combinations according to the user's needs. Moreover, it offers personalized content based on users' preferences and dietary habits, ensuring a more tailored experience. Users can interact with Mikser AI at any time and on any platform, seeking assistance on any kitchen-related matter.

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Who is it for?

Mikser AI caters to a broad range of users. It can be used by anyone seeking information on all aspects of the kitchen. Novice chefs, individuals looking to improve their cooking skills, those seeking knowledge about healthy eating, people searching for creative recipes, or simply anyone curious about the kitchen can use Mikser AI. Users, regardless of age, skill level, or dietary preferences, can find answers to all kinds of kitchen-related questions and gather information through the chatbot. Thus, anyone looking to enhance their kitchen experience or learn something new can use Mikser AI to become more confident and successful in the kitchen.

Why do you need it?

Mikser AI provides accessibility and ease of use for users. Users can interact with the chatbot from any device and location, allowing them to quickly access the information they need in the kitchen in real-time. Additionally, the availability of the chatbot across platforms is a great advantage, enabling users to easily and swiftly access it on their preferred social media platform. Thanks to Mikser's continuous learning capabilities, users always receive up-to-date and accurate information. Mikser AI can add new recipes, provide updated information on cooking techniques, and continuously improve its service by taking user feedback into account. This ensures that users have a high-quality kitchen experience through Mikser.

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Motivation of Mikser

Building a close rapport with users to motivate them, making the cooking process enjoyable, and teaching them new things are among the most significant motivations of Mikser AI. Providing customized content tailored to users' needs to pique their interest and increase their curiosity about the kitchen is also a motivation for Mikser. Additionally, Mikser AI continuously strives to improve itself and provide better service by taking user feedback into account. It aims to enhance users' kitchen experiences, thereby increasing their happiness. Thus, Mikser AI not only provides information but also motivates users, making their kitchen experiences more satisfying and dynamic.

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