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Lexus Chatbot — 7/24 Uninterrupted customer consultancy on WhatsApp with the conversational AI

The ability of a car brand to be accessible to customers in all processes and to be able to respond to customers’ questions and demands is extremely important in terms of customer satisfaction and digital visibility in the automotive industry. In addition to contributing to the reduction of costs with the chatbot solutions we produce, we lead users to have special experiences in customer service.

Chatbots that instantly answer users’ specific questions play a major role in increasing productivity and customer conversion rates. Chatbots support your company as a fast and intelligent employee of your company.

As Jetlink, we create a fast and accessible communication channel for your company by offering a new generation approach to customer services. With the artificial intelligence training we have developed, it learns new information, does not forget the information it has learned, and thus carries the experience of our customers further, thanks to natural language processing, it can understand and respond to the texts and emojis.

With the Lexus experience consultant, we can provide information to your customers on many issues and direct them to the necessary places. We make it possible to do this not only on the website but also with the Whatsapp experience line, which is a first in the automotive industry, 24/7 without interruption. In this way, users can register Lexus’ number and reach Lexus Experience Advisor via WhatsApp whenever they want.

One Bot for all channels

We are aiming to provide chatbot service on Lexus Facebook page in the near future. In this way, the company and customers will be able to communicate effectively in a short time through 3 communication channels. With each passing day, the number of answers you can get from Lexus bots is increasing. If we list some of them;

• You can see the models of the vehicles,

• You can see the technical prices of the vehicle,

• You can make a test drive appointment,

• You can make a service and maintenance appointment,

• You can apply for a swap to evaluate your second hand vehicle,

• You can check the locations of Lexus Plazas closest to you,

Our chatbots can enable them to create Lead while responding to customers’ questions. For example, our chatbot can provide a “Call Me” option for the user viewing the Lexus ES vehicle, allowing users to be called by Lexus dealers.

It is also doing the same on Lexus WhatsApp channel.

With our channel-based response feature, we can define the responses we transmit through different communication channels such as WhatsApp, Web messenger or Facebook. In this way, we aim for a better customer experience.

If the customer owns a Lexus, our Lexus Chatbot can make a request from all communication channels for services such as vehicle maintenance and road assistant during after-sales processes, and make customers call by Lexus dealers.

As a result, if you have a Jetlink chatbot, you can ensure that your customers can reach you whenever they want. You can increase your customer satisfaction. If you would like to learn more to have meaningful and automated conversations with your customer from the WhatsApp channel, shoot us an email via


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