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Chatbot Backed Marketing is The Future

People ask for the information they need as quickly as possible and are increasingly turning to voice search and conversational interfaces as the technology advances. Email inboxes have become more and more messy, so buyers have moved to social media to follow the brands they really care about. With the help of messaging apps, bots help consumers find solutions no matter where they are or what device they use — no forms, cluttered inboxes, or wasted minutes spent searching and scrolling through content.

71% of people are willing to use messaging apps to get customer assistance, many do it because they want their problem solved, fast. But chatbots aren’t just about answering questions. The potential value of chatbots for digital marketers seems limitless. Beko has recently started to use Jetlink powered chatbot to drive three times more engagements and two times more conversions for its #EatlikeAPro campaign.

For that campaign, the challenge was to make people share a long content on Facebook in order to apply for the competition. The chatbot helped people to choose their 4–3–3 healthy line-up for a chance to win the ultimate Barcelona experience where they can travel, train and eat like an @FCBarcelona pro for 48 hours!

Beko bot resolved problem of asking the content in conversational form, collect the information needed and make them share the content with one button. In this way, users were easily post the right and fully asked content in their profile. The chatbot allows for ease of applying to campaigns.

More than that, the conversational process increased the engagement and conversion of campaigns. If you would like to have a look, you can try it via Chatbots have their potential for solving customer service and marketing problems is huge. The time to start experimenting for your brand is now. Do you have questions? Shoot an email at


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