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Lead generation machine

We’re a bit overwhelmed in these months with new product developments and really excited to announce them. We focused a lot of our efforts on making everyone’s experience with Jetlink better. Outcomes will be soon and shine all around.

From time to time, this intensive development process makes us even forget to share some important news with you, but it is also good in a way. Because we have more time to experience and see the results of work.

So, we want to tell you about our new Lead Generation Machine, it is 24/7 working, proactive and a real result taker. Better than that, you can use it too and super easy to start.

Jetlink Lead Bot is how we call this little monster, you can set your chatbot flow in minutes with the help of Jetlink Chatbot Builder to collect required information from users even you are not there!

In addition to that, to get the attention of your website visitors, Jetlink Lead Chatbot proactively pops up and welcome users! This is the small, yet difference maker detail, JetLead Bot doesn’t wait for a message from visitors, it is triggered by certain rules and start a conversation with your website visitors proactively. You can set rules on our SDK.

Jetlink Lead Bot increased the conversion rate of visitors to leads around %400 in a month.

This is what we’ve experienced so far in Jetlink and it took us only minutes to set everything up. Don’t you think it is worth to give it a try?

Why does it work?

Jetlink Chatbot has these 3 things which are mostly in any success formula of a product: trigger, value and ease.

Your website visitors are probably interested in your product or service, that is why they are in your place. They need a trigger to contact with you, it has to be easy and convenient. With Jetlink Lead Bot, they showed their interest easily and let you know about it, this is where the value comes in.

Research supports us too…

Research shows that responding to a new lead within five minutes of when they first reach out is crucial. Respond any later than that, and there’s a 10x decrease in your odds of actually getting in touch with that lead. After 10 minutes, there’s a 400% decrease in your odds of qualifying that lead. To ensure that leads can always get a response within that five-minute window, more and more companies have been turning to conversational tools.

A 2020 survey of 10,000 consumers (spread across North America, Europe, and Asia) found that 9 out of 10 wanted to be able to use real-time messaging to have conversations with businesses.

Forms Out, Conversations In

Today’s buyers want to be able to talk to businesses…

And when potential buyers are live on your website, checking out your product, guess what? They want to be able to ask you questions in real-time. With Jetlink, they can do that.

But, what happens when you’re not able to chat in real-time?

That’s not a problem from now on. JetLead Bot handles customer communication on behalf of you and lets you know who visited your site for further relation.

This is far better than waiting for visitors to fill up the forms because you probably hate it. This is not a secret, but we take it very seriously and bring you a far better alternative.

Conversation is just better because it simply allows you to help people treat like humans, not leads.

It is exactly right time to jump in conversational customer engagement, JetLead Bot is a real rainmaker that you can see benefits from very first minutes.

Let’s pick your time for 1:1 demo, we’re excited to hear from you…

Ask anything. We wait for it.


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