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Driving Growth with Chatbot Innovation

Hello Berna, Today we’ll be talking about Citroën and Jetlink collaboration. I’ve been working at Jetlink for 2 years.

Can you talk a little bit about yourself and your time at Citroën?

I work as Digital Marketing Expert at Citroën Marketing Department. Citroën was my first corporate experience and I feel very lucky about it. Citroën is a very innovative brand that follows the latest trends closely, which definitely helps with the integration of digital developments into the brand. Honestly we’re also encouraging each other to try new ideas as a team. One of my first projects was the online sales of the Ami model, which is a mobility solution. To oversee a vehicle’s sale 100% online was a unique experience, both for us and our customers. Aside from that, the mobility and sustainability vision of the brand gives us a roadmap to show our marketing skills. As a result, we strive to keep up with new technologies. Chatbot is one such technological solution.

What are the customer behaviors that motivated you to use Chatbot?

We live in an era of speed. We’re impatient, we’re fast, and we need to have the correct answers. Our customers want to reach the brand and find answers to their questions digitally and quickly. We could say that our primary motivations for using Chatbot were speed and 7/24 availability. It’s possible that the reason behind Chatbot is so easy to adapt to is that automation has sped up significantly and we’re used to solving our problems in digital environments. People have widely accepted talking to a bot instead of a real person while handling a wide range of services such as shopping, education, and public services. Besides functionality, we believe Chatbot also has a social meaning. We can think of Chatbot as someone with infinite energy and who never judges you. Chatbot can even fulfill your needs by asking how you’re doing, joking with you, and listening to your problems. In a way, it actually helps you hold a clearer conversation knowing there isn’t a person on the other end. Another reason is the fact that Chatbot is a great guide. For instance, if you’re not familiar with the models, it can actually give you all the options when you ask for models. It can predict that you’ll have similar queries to your request and suggests solutions in advance. Notifications are now a part of our lives. Instead of keeping track of everything, Chatbot reminders have become a highly desirable function.

How was your Jetlink experience?

Jetlink provides a Chatbot service that works with no problems and is always open to improve. Besides routinely added features and getting quick responses for price updates, they also give examples of proactive behavior, and notify us of any new potential features for us. It’s necessary to see the results of our hard work, so it’s important to point out the convenience of regular reports. I could say we improved each other together with Jetlink.

What are the benefits of the project?

I would say that the biggest benefits of this projects for us were quickly responding to clients, better understanding these requests, and redirecting our clients who are interested in purchasing to dealers. Aside from that, quickly providing the clients with links from our website is also good for the website performance. We also diversified our channels of communication with the brand new WhatsApp Chatbot integration. 15% of our total monthly requests are from website and WhatsApp chatbots. And 8% of requests turning into purchases are redirected from Chatbot.

What are your visions and plans for the future?

Our first priority is to minimize the number of questions our clients can’t get answers to. We believe it will be beneficial to form a more inclusive communication with our clients. Other than that, we also plan to increase interactive communication, providing minigames to our clients, and making the experience a lot more sincere.

Any final words?

We’re interested to see the impact AI developments will have on Chatbot. We eagerly wait what new functions the Jetlink team will be sharing with us.

Thank you for choosing us Berna, we will success more things together!


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