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How to measure success with Jetlink?

In today’s world where there’s an endless variety of companies offering products and services, people have everything at their fingertips. As a result, people tend to prefer those that require the least amount of effort to provide the fastest results. Companies prioritizing Customer Success stand out from the rest as a direct result.

So how can we tell if we’re satisfying our customers? What’s a good measurement for it? In this article we as Jetlink will explain in detail the key points to Customer Success, and the ways of evaluating them.

Channel Based Performance Analysis

We already know that it’s important to analyse the channels separately for more accurate results. With these results, we will need to focus further on channels that perform less than the others to make sure they’re all optimized.

Channel Based Analysis From Jetlink Panel

From Panel>Reports, you can view both Live Support and Chatbot reports. The most important details are as follows;

1- Monthly conversation count. Is it higher or lower than the previous month? How was the month compared to the entire year?

2- Monthly message count. You can view your website data, or WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram if you’d like.

3- Monthly user count. You can analyse your statistics better with the number of monthly unique or recurring users.

Evaluation Score Report

The research shows that people who have had bad experiences are more eager to write reviews, while those that had good experiences tend to write less reviews. The simplest way to have a more accurate result is to properly incentivize users to write reviews.

Viewing Evaluation Score From Jetlink Panel

From Panel>Reports>Evaluation Reports you can view;

1- How often are Chatbot instances reviewed

2- How often are live chat instances reviewed

3- Total review count

4- Monthly and yearly comparison of your Evaluation Score.

Viewing Message Reviews From Jetlink Panel

Users can review each message individually on top of reviewing entire chats. With this data you can improve and fix message responses. Since this feedback comes directly from users, it’s an excellent resource to improve your customer satisfaction.

Human Takeover Report

It’s also important to analyse how often and under what conditions does the Chatbot transfer users to live agents. We already know some conversations need to be handled by agents and this is how the process is supposed to work. However, with sudden changes, sales, or any other such abrupt differences the bot will unexpectedly transfer chats to agents.

Viewing Human Takeover Report From Jetlink Panel

From Panel>Reports>Human Takeover Reports you can view;

1- Whether the transfers are done out of customer request or because the bot hasn’t learned the topic as of yet

2- How often are these transferred chats answered and resolved

3- Monthly and yearly comparison of your Live Transfer Reports.

You can follow these metrics to further improve the service you provide to your customers. Doing these regularly accordingly to customer feedback will certainly level up your customer satisfaction.


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