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Jetlink Conversational AI automizes over %80 of customer communication for Toyota

Toyota is one of the biggest global automotive firms with its 370.000 emoloyees, 170+ sales regions, 69 manufacturing companies and 20 R&D centers worldwide. When AI started to become an actual “thing”, Toyota Turkey as an innovative company knew that they should adjust this new era. After the evaluation process, they have decided that starting with a chatbot would be the best start to get in the business because they neeeded to automate customer dialogs.

Toyota customers services was already getting to much questions about Toyota products and services from their customers. Leading some of this traffic to the bot was going to be a lot of help and make them save the time and costs. What wasn’t expected this much is that bot itself would creating new leads.
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Who are we
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8590 hours

saving from customer service operations in 1 year


lead generation during 2 years


Intent match accuracy

How it works
About Toyota

Toyota strives to be a strong corporate citizen, engaging with and earning the trust of its stakeholders, and to contribute to the creation of a prosperous society through all its business operations. Our corporate principles form the basis of our initiatives, reflect values that enable action, and drive our mindset.

Industry: Automotive

Company size: Enterprise

HQ location: 1 Toyota-Cho, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture 471-8571, Japan
Products & Services used

Conversational AI engine

Web messenger

Facebook integration

Premium managed service

+502% more conversations Over Previous Month after proactive conversations, 12K Unique Users Per Month on Average

Chatbot changes consumer behaviour too. Before bots, phone was the most preferable contact tool, but users had to wait on the line, plus it wasn’t 24/7 online. They were sceptical about asking to bots when they are too new to adopt, but then, by the time, they realised that chatbots are way faster and easy to talk to. In Toyota’s case, bot conversation numbers were always satisfying. Right now, after 3,5 years, the conversation rate increases 5 times every month in comparison to previous month.

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Proactive Conversations is the New Hit

Of course this isn’t magic, or something happened by only itself. Jetlink Conversational AI’s proactive conversations gets more attention and generate more leads and increses chatbot numbers at least 5 times. There is only 13 proactive messages right now and we’ll be adding more to that.

" We use Jetlink to maintain messaging based customer communication through different channels and the unique conversational A.I. that they provide solves 90% of all common customer inquiries 24/7. This gives an extra time for our human agents to focus on complex issues. We see Jetlink as value adding partner for our strategic goals." "


Barış Erdim
Marketing Director
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The full interview
Boyalı Siyah Ok

Do JetBots really understand?

“So, this much lead and how much of it your bot understands” you might ask. Well, pretty much, actually. Then again, “How Long does it take a chatbot to fully understand you?” is another question. Lets say, forever. But please don’t get it in a pessimistic way. Because it’s only getting better and better. AI is not a magical superbrain that has all the knowledge in the universe. They learn by the time, as Toyota HazırCevap did. “Chatbots projects are not something you can take and turned the key. You have to treat them as your children.


They learn everyday.” Burak Kartal – Digital Experience Unit Manager at Toyota Turkey Toyota HazırCevap bot started with 20 questions now it can answer 253 different intents with %97,32 match ratio and every month it gives %55 percent less fallback ratio compared to previous month. All numbers are only getting better each day.

What is next?

Toyota's virtual assistant is already a very mature, useful chatbot with one of the highest content capacity worldwide. She knows pretty much everything regarding Toyota brand, technologies and car models. Next step is to widen its presence on different conversational channels including WhatsApp and Instagram. Soon, the AI will start to serve in more channels and she is ready for that.

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More than 200 companies are using Jetlink to automize and get value.

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Customer service solutions tailor-made for enterprise needs

You are protected from any risk
We own ISO 27001, ISO 9000 certifications, Encrypted database, and disaster recovery plan
We take good care of your data and your customers’ data
We are GDPR and LGPD compliant. We always provide the possibility for clients and users to know and decide on the handling of their data.
Growing at your pace
Our solutions are auto-scalable, adapting to the growth of your company without ever compromising quality with 99.0% SLA.
End-To-End solution with professional services
We work with you, from start to...Our Customer Success team will help with your customer relationship strategy and support your department’s operation and progress. Our goal is for you to reach your goals. We provide ongoing managed service to ensure chatbot performance and quallity.
Onpremise & Cloud options
Because of regulations in your sector or company preferences, you may want to keep your data isolated in your company servers. We provide both Onpremise and Cloud options based on your needs.

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