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How AI can speed up the FMCG sector

Parodontax Chooses To Be Closer To Its Customers 

It cannot be denied that people's tendency to have a conversation with brands goes up. It’s known that 79 percent of customers prefer live chat and text messaging. GSK, a leading company in consumer healthcare, developing and marketing some of the most preferred brands and products, has chosen to use Jetlink chatbot in their web site  to guide Parodontax customers with their gum care, which is an innovative way to engage with the potential customers. Parodontax now meets its customers' preferences thanks to Jetlink chatbot platform.
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Who are we
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How it works

GlaxoSmithKline Plc is a healthcare company, which engages in the research, development, and manufacture of pharmaceutical medicines, vaccines, and consumer healthcare products. It operates through the following segments: Pharmaceuticals; Pharmaceuticals R&D; Vaccines and Consumer Healthcare.

Industry:  Healthcare

Company size: Enterprise > 1000 employees

HQ location: London, England
Products & Services used

Conversational AI engine

Web messenger

The Parodontax way

The challenge for GSK’s small gum care brand, Parodontax,  was to convince consumers to switch from regular toothpastes to its products that also treated gum disease. A single advertising creative idea was deployed internationally to maximise media spend and increase share of voice.


Ads outperformed on awareness and likelihood to persuade consumers who do not habitually treat gum disease to buy the brand. Incremental sales of almost £50m were generated and parodontax became the world’s fastest-growing multi-market toothpaste brand.

Parodontax brand new chatbot also contributes to this strategy by increasing awareness on a deeper and personal way than regular methods. Conversational experience helps Parodontax to engage with its audience at scale and still performs indiviualized way. People easily test their condition with a survey and understand their need to treat their gum disease with Parodontax.


Conversational survey

A text message popping up from the widget invites the customers to complete the gum care survey which is super informative and attractive.realizing. With this seven-question survey, customers can find out how healthy their gums are and take action accordingly. This is where parodontax products come into play. The bot can recommend the parodontax products according to the customers’ answers. In this way, increasing product awareness is provided as well as gum problems awareness.

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People love to chat

The numbers show that the chatbot is pretty much striking to the visitors as It’s seen that many of them are attracted to the bot and complete the survey. If so, how is this achieved? Proactive conversations play a key role in attracting the visitors to the chatbot. The bot can simply say: “Hey there, I’m here to help you. Come and complete this survey to find out about your gum care!”. At the end of the day, awareness raised, products recommended, the visitors are happy and so are we. :)

We go beyond of expactations

Next step will be coming up with more useful surveys and carrying it out on several channels such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram. In this way, we will reach more customers and raise awareness of gum care and the parodontax products.

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More than 200 enterprises are using Jetlink to automize and get value.

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