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Jetlink for Leading Health organizations

Decrease costs while increasing customer satisfaction with Jetlink Chatbot

With Jetlink Chatbot you can increase your sales and customer satisfaction without the need of a live agents help. With the Jetlink Chatbot customers can learn about detailed service information, can get doctors appointments, get information about diseases and how to prevent them, learn about the treatments, and so much more.
How it works
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Get more patient leads

With the use of Jetlink chatbot, one of our

Jet-Friends, Opel has gained 400+ new customers  in just 6 months thanks to our chatbot. This number continues to grow day by day!

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How Can I Get Leads From Jetlink Chatbot?

After the  detailed information that is given in Jetlink Chatbot, patients can ask to be called back about the specific treatment  or doctor that they are interested in, thanks to our claw type approach Visitors to your site can be converted on to qualified sales opportunities.

Hello, I'm here for you👋🏽

With Jetlink Chatbot’s proactive approach you can always remind that you are there to the user. Without the proactive approach chatbots looked like a gimmick to have in your website which didn't attract many users. With proactive reminders multiple scenarios can be carried out.

With Proactive messages:

  • Welcome the user

  • Give out specific page related content

  • Greet the user based on time

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Reach Your Patients From Whatsapp

We can fully integrate to WhatsApp Messenger! You can get leads directly from WhatsApp with more than 2 billion active users, WhatsApp messenger is a channel that shouldn’t be undervalued. With the usage of WhatsApp you can offer 24/7 support to your patients!

Clinic Locator

Working seamlessly is an important aspect regarding user experience. Just for routing the user shouldn’t go to a different platform. With Jetlink it is now possible to find the closest clinic/ location is possible just by typing in your location.

Live agent takeover

Even Though Jetlink is one of the easiest chatbots to use, sometimes we all want or need to speak with a live agent. This is now possible with Jetlink. Without the need of a new conversation or a new window the agent can take over directly.

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Jetlink Chatbot sayfası (3).png

Jetlink is loved by many people! Don't believe us? Take a look at JetFriends reviews about us from the G2 platform!

"Excellent Service And People!"

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“Jetlink Conversational AI Platform allows us to be connected with our customers 24/7. We are able to create leads, activate proactive pop-ups and save our call centre many hours by activation”

Hazal Sarıkaya - Toyota Turkey

"Progress-Oriented Working System With Alternative AI Infrastructures"

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“It is inspiring to work with a team that closely follows current technological developments and constantly improves itself.”

 Alper Tosun - Altınbaş

"Endless possibilities with a bit of creativity..."

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“The platform has a lot of features and the most interesting ones are the ones which still not discovered. You can shape it with your or the company's interests.”

Sercan G - Denizbank Online Banking Management 

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Multi-Language Support

Global companies have customers and operations all over the world. Jetlinks’s flexible conversational AI engine can adapt to 157 languages, including English, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Arabic and others.

resimli Globe

Deeper understanding with Probabilistic AI™

Reaching a deeper understanding of conversational AI through deep learning is possible.

Customers don’t always communicate their needs clearly and even  simple sentences can cause misleading solutions. Learn how Probabilistic AI™ can go through noisy interactions to ensure at clear, clean and — most importantly — accurate responses to every customer query.

In this way, Jetlink's conversational AI eliminates ‘false positive’ responses in 90% of cases.

Understand Multiple Intents

Jetlink's Conversational AI can easily distinguish between multiple variables simultaneously, such as when customers ask for several products or services at the same time. In this way, conversational AI eliminates false positives and offers multiple intent options for accurate answer.

dynamic answers chatbot.png

Dynamic answers

Boost engagement with rich messages and dynamic answers. Your Jetlink chatbot uses text, buttons, and images when talking with your customers. More than that, your chatbot connects with your backend services to give dynamic answers based on users inputs.

Entity extraction for natural conversations

Entities are lists and synonyms of your products, locations,  and services. They can be also system entities such as date, ID number, phone number, email etc. They help chatbots catch and validate data important for the intents.

Entitiy extraction.png
straightforward approach.png

Direct answer

in one step

Jetlink's AI powered chatbots applies two matching systems to match user questions with chatbot responses. Machine learning algorithms check entire sentences, while entity extraction system look for specific words to bring exact answer for the user.

Conversation designer

Build chatbots with ease using a drag-and-drop interface. Quickly arrange the conversation flow to create exactly the chatbot you need.

Anyone can drag and drop Jetlink's no code conversation designer to create engaging chatbot conversations that delight customers with rich multimedia content.



Make better decisions with data and insights, collected from every automated customer conversation. Jetlink reports provide strategic context to enhance your chatbot’s performance and deliver a much more meaningful customer experience.

Understanding the performance of your chatbot shouldn’t be a guessing game. Our chatbot has an intuitive, easy-to-understand Analytics Dashboard that provides the data and direction you need to drive business outcomes. Uncover unanswered questions missing information. Review the % of engaged customers and topics. Capture the % of conversations that require an agent

Create a bot to interact with your audience on Instagram 24/7

Connect an Instagram chatbot and save time with automated responses
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