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How AI can help fintechs to have better customer support

Role of conversational AI
on next-gen customer engagement and support

After using Jetlink Conversational AI, fastPay began to provide next level customer communication with exceptional speeds. As being one of the pioneer FinTech solutions in Turkey, fastPay decided to choose Jetlink as a partner to engage with their clients better and decrease the workload of their customer service by automating Frequently Asked Questions and how to engage with the functions.

With Jetlink, fasty ChatBot offers a dialogic communication to clients with average of %91 correct matches without any interruption on services. One of the primary principles of Jetlink, keeping customer experience in the peak by answering all the requests of users and satisfying clients with astonishing answers to their questions. Abiding these principles by contributing to client engagement, regarding fastpay on their website as the main channel.
Who are we
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Accurate intent match rate

110.215 users

in 10 months period


Resolve rate

How it works
About fastPay

As a subsidiary of DenizBank, a well-accustomed bank in Turkey, fastPay established as a mobile wallet in 2013    as an online service which customers can use to pay online and offline, rather than paying directly from their card or bank account. Customers can also transfer money knowing only the mobile number of the recipient and apply for a loan. Cardless withdrawals at DenizBank ATMs are possible by fastPay, without being a DenizBank customer. Customers can fund their fastPay wallet via credit card, cash or transfer.

Industry:  Financial Technology

Company size: Enterprise > 100 employees

HQ location: Istanbul, Turkey
Products & Services used

Conversational AI engine

Web Messenger

Mobile App Integration

500 conversations and 3000 messages per day on single channel

Users engaged with the virtual assistant for their issues, such as usage, credit requests, account transactions, offers, account balance. After Jetlink partnering with Fastpay, chatbot has been added to the website and this channel has been the primary channel to answer questions swiftly with a high accuracy.


Implementation casued the load of the call center decrease by %34 in 7 months and led the call center team to assign their workforce to more intricate issues. Thanks to the fastPay Artificial Intelligence powered chatbot, a platform has been added where the customer experience and the success of the live support team can be measured with meaningful metrics.


" We aimed to reduce the load of human based customer support operations and increase our NPS at the same time. Also because of the banking regulations in our country, we needed on-prem service for the chatbot project. Jetlink is one of the best technology providers on this manner and we already have great results so far. "


Erdem Yılmaz

CX and Customer Service Manager

What is next?

As fasty virtual assistant improves every single day in every iteration with new technologies and user interactions. Thanks to Jetlink's deep learning technology, it will become more matured and even more human-like. In next steps, fasty will be integrated on different channels, such as mobile app integration for Android / iOS and WhatsApp. That will also enable using proactive conversations from mobile applications  which will bring customer engagement in right occasions.

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More than 200 enterprises are using Jetlink to automize and get value.

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Customer service solutions tailor-made for enterprise needs

You are protected from any risk
We own ISO 27001, ISO 9000 certifications, Encrypted database, and disaster recovery plan
We take good care of your data and your customers’ data
We are GDPR and LGPD compliant. We always provide the possibility for clients and users to know and decide on the handling of their data.
Growing at your pace
Our solutions are auto-scalable, adapting to the growth of your company without ever compromising quality with 99.0% SLA.
End-To-End solution with professional services
We work with you, from start to...Our Customer Success team will help with your customer relationship strategy and support your department’s operation and progress. Our goal is for you to reach your goals. We provide ongoing managed service to ensure chatbot performance and quallity.
Onpremise & Cloud options
Because of regulations in your sector or company preferences, you may want to keep your data isolated in your company servers. We provide both Onpremise and Cloud options based on your needs.

Ready to see?

Contact us today to learn how Jetlink  can help your brand to deliver meaningful conversational experiences and generate high ROI.
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