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Conversational ecommerce

A great example how chatbots make a difference in e-commerce

After meeting with Jetlink, ebebek became a digital transformation pioneer in the retail baby products industry thanks to the messaging platform offered to customers. By providing simultaneous service to 690K users in total, it took the quality of customer communication a few steps further.

The company which increases customer satisfaction thanks to the artificial intelligence chatbot that answers questions and requests with 95% intent match accuracy, experiences the ease of management from a single channel about communication with the hybrid system including live support. This system means quick action for customers and more time for agents.
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Who are we
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12.602 hours 

with automation in last 12 months


Users and counting


intent match accuracy

How it works
About ebebek

ebebek is an e-commerce site and a chain of 184 stores that meet all the needs of mothers and babies from prenatal period to 4 years old. It describes itself as a lean, simple and powerful organization.

Industry: eCommerce

Company size: Enterprise

HQ location: İçerenköy, Değirmen Yolu Cd. No:37 D:6, 34752 Ataşehir / İstanbul
Products & Services used

Chatbot engine

Web messenger

Managed service

WhatsApp integration

Single channel for all components of e-commerce

There is a chatbot for all parts of the industry, from shortcuts for website use to cargo tracking information. Chat-based communication is preferred by customers thanks to the artificial intelligence system, which not only shares information but also carries out transactions with active referrals. ebebek succeeded in minimizing the workforce while successfully carrying out challenging processes such as answering questions about millions of products, integrating order tracking system, and informing about purchasing.

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Numbers do the talking

We've seen tremendous figures on this chatbot and it is easy to understand the volume of customer inquiries that are solved by the chatbot. Here is some of topics that customers ask most frequently. The numbers including 09.20-09.21 last 1 year period are as below.

Stock information demand    35345

Product related questions    17822

Tracking order    12718

Order demand  11082

Delivery time    10283

Ease of communication and customer satisfaction with the hybrid system

When the chatbot is trained to cover more than 100 topics and the live support system, which is activated when necessary, work together, there is no problem that cannot be overcome. Thanks to this hybrid system consisting of two sides feeding each other, there are no unanswered questions. The knowledge of the chatbot expands on product details, satisfactions, complaints and everything that comes to mind. Finally, we are creating time for agents.

" We are having a blast working with Jetlink. We were able to find just what we need with this tool: Quick solutions with the Agile method and careful work in all processes with regular updates and quick customer support. The workflow is amazing. Customer experience and customer satisfaction are very important to our company. Thanks to the Jetlink chatbot and live support solutions, we optimized customer communication and increased customer satisfaction. We cannot think of our website, which gets high traffic daily, without Jetlink."


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Murat Akgöz 
Insight and Call Center Manager
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The success of the ever-evolving technological structure and content management

Innovations that will increase the level of user understanding of the chatbot and strict content tracking have made the system the wise of the company. ebebek, which lives the value of speed, continuity and time saving, happily continues its journey with Jetlink.


The company also contributes to its reputation by introducing its customers to digital transformation. ebebek, which has lived a revolutionary transformation by understanding the consumer's behavioral patterns, the requirements of time and the importance of speed, seems happy with the decisions it has taken.

What is next?

We will strive to implement innovations by following the path of e-commerce in the world, maybe even by leading the way. Adding alternative channels and developing a proactive approach are among the short-term goals. While serving more customers simultaneously, minimizing the errors is among our goals. Long-term plans include continuing the entire process via chatbot and integrating with payment systems. We will follow the developments.

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More than 200 companies are using Jetlink to automize and get value.

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Customer service solutions tailor-made for enterprise needs

You are protected from any risk
We own ISO 27001, ISO 9000 certifications, Encrypted database, and disaster recovery plan
We take good care of your data and your customers’ data
We are GDPR and LGPD compliant. We always provide the possibility for clients and users to know and decide on the handling of their data.
Growing at your pace
Our solutions are auto-scalable, adapting to the growth of your company without ever compromising quality with 99.0% SLA.
End-To-End solution with professional services
We work with you, from start to...Our Customer Success team will help with your customer relationship strategy and support your department’s operation and progress. Our goal is for you to reach your goals. We provide ongoing managed service to ensure chatbot performance and quallity.
Onpremise & Cloud options
Because of regulations in your sector or company preferences, you may want to keep your data isolated in your company servers. We provide both Onpremise and Cloud options based on your needs.

Ready to see?

Contact us today to learn how Jetlink  can help your brand to deliver meaningful conversational experiences and generate high ROI.
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