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Role of chatbots on HR operations

Borusan responds to employee questions faster than ever with Jetlink Chatbot

Borusan Holding responds to employee needs faster than ever thanks to Jetlink Chatbot. Borusan holding is one of the most valuable holdings that currently operate in Turkey with more than 10 companies and 7500 employees under their belt. Borusan set out with a mindset to increase employee satisfaction and while achieving their goal they wanted automation throughout the process.

This is where Jetlink stepped into the play. With our chatbot with 95% intent match accuracy rate we created a higher quality of employee journey throughout the way.
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Who are we
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Accurate intent match rate


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How it works
About Borusan Holding

Borusan Holding is an Istanbul-based group of companies operating in the fields of steel, distributorship, energy and logistics in Turkey and around the world. Founded by Asım Kocabıyık in 1944, the group employs approximately 7,500 people in 12 different countries with more than 10 companies.

Industry:  Holding/ Steel, Automotiv, Energy and Logistics

Company size: Enterprise > 7500 employees

HQ location: Istanbul, Turkey
Products & Services used

Conversational AI engine

Web Messenger

Mobile App, MS Teams and WhatsApp Integration

A true management channel that shortened waiting times and increased employee satisfaction and engagement.

When Borusan set out to increase employee satisfaction by launching a HR bot they reached out to us.  Before Jetlink the human resources team had to manually respond to all of the employee needs. Since this task requires manpower it resulted in lack of productivity.


When we stepped in we took over the mundane tasks such as celebrating birthdays, calculating annual leaves, reminders about payments etc. the human resources team had the chance to redirect their efforts to many impactful tasks therefore resulting in an increase in productivity.


" "Very talkative and handy HR assistant" ​ ​ Some of the benefits that we can mention are; Most of the questions of the employees have been answered in seconds. For a wide scale company, this is the most important benefit that we have with Jetlink. HR is always there when they in need. Employees handle almost everything within the bot without navigating through the pages. This saves them time and makes them happy. We can also send mass messages on Teams channel without skipping anyone easily thanks to Jetlink. "


Yasin Baran

HR Analytics and Performance Management Assistant Specialist

New Channels Introduced!

Before Jetlink Borusan Holding solely thrusted email for their HR needs. With Jetlink their scope of service extended into WhatsApp messenger which is faster and more user friendly compared to email. With WhatsApp messenger employees of Borusan are reaching Hr content they need 24/7 before us their scope of service was limited only to working hours form 9 to 5 and 5 days a week.

Image by Dima Solomin
Image by Jake Hills

What is next?

We are just getting started. This is not the final phase for Borusan holding’s success story. The bot which is liked by their employees and used daily by hundreds of them might extend its scope of services to become the new frontline of their companies. We can also extend Borusan Holding’s bot to new channels such as Instagram, IVR and messenger apps that are used and liked by many companies similar to Borusan!

More than 200 enterprises are using Jetlink to automize and get value.

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Customer service solutions tailor-made for enterprise needs

You are protected from any risk
We own ISO 27001, ISO 9000 certifications, Encrypted database, and disaster recovery plan
We take good care of your data and your customers’ data
We are GDPR and LGPD compliant. We always provide the possibility for clients and users to know and decide on the handling of their data.
Growing at your pace
Our solutions are auto-scalable, adapting to the growth of your company without ever compromising quality with 99.0% SLA.
End-To-End solution with professional services
We work with you, from start to...Our Customer Success team will help with your customer relationship strategy and support your department’s operation and progress. Our goal is for you to reach your goals. We provide ongoing managed service to ensure chatbot performance and quallity.
Onpremise & Cloud options
Because of regulations in your sector or company preferences, you may want to keep your data isolated in your company servers. We provide both Onpremise and Cloud options based on your needs.

Ready to see?

Contact us today to learn how Jetlink  can help your brand to deliver meaningful conversational experiences and generate high ROI.
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